The Reasons Why You Should Use the Services of Atlasta Lock & Key Co. Portland OR Emergency Locksmith

In this article we are going to look at an Atlanta locksmith company by the name of Atlasta Lock & Safe Co Portland Or. This company was founded in 1974 by Donnie Johnson, who was a former Army engineer. Donnie worked with the military and went through a number of changes in his career including working as an elevator man for awhile. He also worked as a security guard and then became interested in locksmiths and started his own locksmith business.

Today, the company offers both residential and commercial locksmith services. What they specialize in is anything from key duplication, to automotive repair, and even ATM keypad access. Many of their locksmith services also include home security systems, deadbolts, access control systems, and more. They are able to customize a lock and key system to meet any size budget. There are about a dozen employees, who work on the site for the better part of the day and evening, as well as several part-timers on call.

The company prides itself on providing fast and reliable service. Each of the employees has gone through state training and undergoes background checks. That makes them qualified to work as a locksmith, and they have a good track record of it. They have been in the locksmith business for over two decades now. There are about 40 employees presently.

The company’s reputation in the lock industry is outstanding. There are many satisfied customers that have utilized their services. It seems that each of the employees is knowledgeable about the locks they are handling and can make any number of assumptions, which will allow them to make a correct lock replacement quickly. When they do the job right, and you are satisfied, there should never be a need for another locksmith company to use their services again.

Atlasta Lock & Safe Co Portland Or also provide other types of services, which are required if you’re going to lock your keys in a car. The services range from opening a trunk to making duplicate keys or even duplicating the security code. They also provide key duplication, access control systems, safes, and other security products. If you ever find yourself in a predicament where you need a locksmith, the first thing you want to do is check out all of the companies in the area that might suit your needs. Then, make an appointment to see the individual in person, and get an idea of how well you like him or her.

With many things to worry about when one is home, there are times when emergency locksmith services should be called in. The Atlasta Lock & Safe Co Portland Or company has been serving customers in the Portland metropolitan area for over forty years. During this time, they have helped millions of people get the emergency service they needed, when it was most convenient for them. When an emergency locksmith is called in, it does not take very long at all for them to get to your aid. Whether it is a key shortage, lost lock, or something else, these professionals can get the job done in minutes, and they charge very little for the valuable service they provide.