Professional Cleaning Services

For over seventy years Stanley Steemer & Son, Inc. has provided excellent professional cleaning services in and around Springdale. ” Stanley Steemer “, as they are fondly called,” is proud to offer professional residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning services in and around Springdale. We started with just one person, a van. 70 years later, we are the largest owner of industrial cleaning vans, training our technicians and delivering world-class service to homes and offices throughout the United States.

In the beginning, we used an ordinary vacuum cleaner that worked just fine for us. Then we began using carpet cleaners that worked well for us, but the dust still flew around and we would need someone to clean our carpets. So we went searching for a good vacuum cleaner. We found that vacuums worked best on carpeted floors, so we began calling all the carpet shops in town and explaining to them our problem.

Our problem was the fact that we could not get the vacuum to clean our hardwoods or vinyl floors well enough to get all the dust-out. This was causing a lot of aggravation on us because it meant that we had to take our carpets out each time we cleaned the house. The carpets were getting so dusty that it was making it hard for us to see the beauty of them. We tried to give up, but it was no fun having to throw away so much carpet every day.

So we decided to try Professional Cleaning Services in Springdale. We decided that this was going to be the best way for us to keep our carpets clean. With these new services, our carpets were always vacuumed and our hardwoods or flooring were vacuumed with the pads. We did not have to worry about our carpets being too dusty because they were always cleaned and dried right before we returned them to the rooms. These services were great!

We liked the fact that these professionals came to our homes and took care of our carpets and floors. We also liked the fact that we did not have to go out to hire someone to come in and do the job. The fact that the carpet cleaning companies were able to give us professional services at a reasonable price was very comforting. We could depend on these services when we needed carpet cleaning service. They were great.

Eventually, we were able to sell our homes and bought another home. But, the memories of the carpet that had been vacuumed and the floors that were vacuumed were still very strong. We are still very thankful for the carpet cleaning service that we had to use. It was a great relief for us to be able to clean our carpets on our own. It was much easier than us having to call someone else to do the same job.